Multi-Year Guarantee Annuities

Equitable Secure Savings™ and Secure Savings™ Elite will credit policyowners with a fixed interest rate every year.

That means, no matter what happens with the stock market, Equitable Secure Savings™ Series will credit you a fixed interest rate every year – even if the stock market declines.

This rate will be guaranteed for the guarantee period you select, either 2 or 5 years.

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The Secure Savings is our flagship MYGA series that provides the highest guaranteed fixed interest rates that we offer paired with built-in liquidity provisions.

If you’re looking for the highest guaranteed interest rate possible with built in liquidity, then Secure Savings is your solution!

It’s a single premium Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity series with a 2- and 5-year rate guarantee period to choose from.

Annual free withdrawals, full account value at death and spousal continuation are automatically included free of charge.

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The Secure Savings Elite offers a higher credited rate than the Secure Savings™ and and allows you to customize the product to best fit your unique needs. Cash surrender value is payable at the death of the owner. Depending on the guarantee period chosen, it may offer liquidity options for a lower credited rate.

If you’re looking for the highest guaranteed interest rate possible, then go with the Secure Savings Elite!

Optional free withdrawal benefits are available on the 2-year version for a slightly reduced interest rate. Optional free withdrawal benefits are not available on the 5-year version at this time. Spousal continuation at death is automatically included.

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