Financial Stability

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The bedrock of our financial strength rests on our strong capital position and conservative investment portfolio. It gives our policyowners peace of mind, knowing we have the long-term ability to keep our promises, to be there for them when they need us.

Financial security enables us to meet the changing needs of our customers while engaging in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Our investment strategy includes a high quality portfolio focused on investments in publicly-traded bonds, structured securities, and commercial mortgage loans. Our portfolio continues to be well-diversified, with the majority of assets carrying an Investment Grade (NAIC 1&2) rating.


To view a copy of our current financial strength sheet, please click here.

product development philosophy

1. Competitiveness

Our products are designed to fill a specific need, whether that be guaranteed accumulation, indexed accumulation, etc.

2. Transparency

For every product feature that is added, we make sure it is transparent, not overly complicated and adds value.

3. Consistency

In order to maintain consistency in rates over time, we spend the same amount on option budgets each year. That means great rates and great renewals.

4. A Financial Responsibility

We offer financially responsible products for the carrier, the agent, and the policyholder, insuring that all of our interests are aligned. We strive to create products that offer true value without any “window dressing.”